Difference between indoor and outdoor inflatable castles

Now inflatable castles are becoming more and more popular, whether indoor or outdoor, they often appear around us, but do you know the difference between indoor inflatable castles and outdoor inflatable castles?

First, the biggest difference between indoor and outdoor inflatable castles is their volume. Outdoor bouncy castles are larger due to less site constraints. The indoor inflatable castles are subject to site constraints, so the projects are mostly small projects such as inflatable trampolines.

Secondly, there are differences between the different tourists. Indoor bouncy castles are mostly children-oriented due to site constraints. The outdoor bouncy castle is less constrained by the site, and the project is more abundant, so the tourists it faces are more diverse. For example, some outdoor inflatable castles will have some unique climbing projects for people of all ages who like to challenge.

Of course, the difference between indoor and outdoor venues also makes the advantages of the two very different. Indoor inflatable castles, as the name suggests, are all indoor projects. So relatively speaking, indoor inflatable castles are not afraid of wind, rain or hot days. The advantages of outdoor bouncy castles are that they are less restricted by the site and the project is more diverse.

In addition, there is a big difference between the two in terms of capital investment. The indoor inflatable bouncer costs less, but it will cost more to provide him with a good indoor environment venue. In contrast to outdoor inflatable castles, project-rich will spend more on inflatable castles, but the outdoor venue costs are relatively less.