How to care for mobile water park equipment

The popularity of mobile inflatable water parks has attracted many investors, but the cost of mobile park equipment is not low, so it is importance to learn how to maintain mobile water park equipment. We will introduce a few tricks for maintaining the mobile water park, so that your water park will have a longer life.

No product can avoid wear, but we can avoid unnecessary wear, reduce wear and extend equipment life. First of all, dirt will definitely get on during the use of the product. At this time, it can be washed with detergent. Be careful to use a soft towel when cleaning, do not use a hard brush, as this will cause unnecessary wear on the product. After cleaning and drying the product, you can spray the disinfectant solution. Recommends that you spray 84 disinfectant solution, so that the sterilization effect is better.

In addition, the metal materials of the mobile inflatable water park will also be subject to wear and tear due to wind and rain. If the metal is rusty, use a brush to remove the rust, wipe it with a dry cloth, spray the paint evenly after sun exposure, and wait until it is dry Spray a layer of sitting protection.

The seasonal use of the inflatable water park means that it needs to be stored in the warehouse, and the product must be treated before entering the warehouse to ensure that the product will not be damaged. Talc is a good recommendation. Before entering the warehouse, clean the stains on the product, then dry it, and finally apply talcum powder. Wet equipment is prone to odor and mildew, which is fatal to some metal equipment. Talc powder can play a role of preventing adhesion and moisture, and it can be handled easily by wiping.